Glare Heat Reduction
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Anti-glare window film gives you clarity without the eye strain.

With anti-glare window film, you can say goodbye to squinting! From reading your favorite book, watching television or using your smartphone, our window films reduce glare and create a more comfortable environment.

Reduce heating and cooling costs with anti-glare window film. Anti-glare window film helps you to reduce the amount of energy used to keep your space comfortable year-round.

Lose the glare and keep the sunlight. Our heat & glare reduction window film reduces the suní»s glare without reducing natural light.

Anit-glare window film reduces the harmful effect of UVA radiation, which is good news for your eyes, skin, and furnishings. Reducing up to 99% of the suní»s harmful UVA rays is an incredible benefit for you and your family.

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