Daylight Redirecting Film
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Real Innovation: 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film

We are proud to bring to you the latest innovations in window film technology. 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Films are a cost-effective way to provide natural lighting deeper inside a building.
  • Micro-replicated film redirects light toward the ceiling, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day
  •  Reduces occupant glare and excess light near window
  •  Provides benefit of natural light to interior occupants
  •  Can be used with different glass types to achieve different aesthetic looks
  •  No maintenance or cleaning
  •  Can be combined with 3MTM Solar Film to reduce heat to maximize energy savings
  •  Blocks 99% of UV light, reducing fading
  •  LEED credits available for use of daylight
ˇ°3M Daylight Redirecting Film, utilizes micro-replication to redirect light that would have originally hit the floor a few feet from the window, up onto the ceiling, helping to light the room as deep as 40 feet from the window. The technology ˇ°micro-replicationˇ± refers to microscopic structures that are able to redirect as much as 80% of light up onto the ceiling, providing more natural light, which has been linked to increased productivity and purchasing behavior, and helping to reduce your dependence on electric lighting.ˇ± ¨C 3M

  • Daylight Redirecting film redirects the light toward the ceiling and the diffusing glass spreads the light on the ceiling
  • 3M Daylight Redirecting film is applied to surface #2 ¨C or surface #4 of a three pane system
  • 3M diffusing film is applied to surface #4 ¨C or surface #6 of a three pane system
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